Gary Hurley

Clark Caster

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Long a favorite of anglers trolling for spanish mackerel, bluefish, and other pelagic predators, the Clarkspoon has decades worth of limit catches under its shiny belt. The simple lure has an irresistible action when moving through the water, which accounts for the fact that it’s available in every coastal tackle store, and has a presence in the tackle box of virtually any boater headed out into the Atlantic.

From most anglers’ point of view, the Clarkspoon only has one problem. The light weight that makes it flutter so convincingly through the water makes it nearly impossible to cast, so the lure is generally considered a troller.

Problem solved with the new Clark Caster from James E. Clark, LLC. The Clark Caster consists of a bullet weight, a clevis and spinner blade, a red bead and a built-in snap on a light wire shaft. When snapped onto a Clarkspoon, the bullet weight not only provides the necessary heft to cast the lure long distances, the spinner blade adds even more flash to the already bright lure.

In addition to allowing anglers to cast a Clarkspoon, the Clark Caster’s weight helps them sink fast enough to make the Clarkspoon an effective jigging lure, and the spinner blade adds even more vibration and visibility to the lure in the depths.

The Clark Caster is available in 1/8, ¼ , and ½ oz. weights with a gold or silver spinner blade. Anglers can purchase them with a #00 or #0 gold or silver Clarkspoon already attached or alone for anglers to attach to the Clarkspoon of their choice.

Clark Casters are available at most stores where Clarkspoons are sold, and anglers can get more information by visiting James E. Clark’s website at