Gary Hurley


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The D.O.A. company, whose ultra-realistic soft plastic lures have long been staples in inshore fishermen’s artificial arsenals, are introducing several new products and updating a few of their proven designs with some vibrant new color schemes for the 2008 season.

The original D.O.A. shrimp, perhaps the best known artificial shrimp on the market, is now available in seven new “Carbonated” color schemes, a design that incorporates small pearlescent fibers for more realism and fish attracting visibility.

The “Carbonated” colors include Watermelon, Rootbeer, Rootbeer/Green, Pink/Clear, Pink/Green, Glow/Silver Rush, and Glow/Gold Rush.

Four additional colors have been added to the already extensive original shrimp lineup as well, including speckled trout favorites Electric Chicken, New Penny, Stark Naked, and Morning Glory.

New color options also abound in D.O.A.’s C.A.L. series Jerkbaits, where 12 new colors ranging from Red Shad to Junebug are available.

Complementing the jerkbaits, the company is introducing a durable C.A.L. Curl Tail featuring a special tail design for an especially lifelike action. The Curl Tails are available in seven of D.O.A.’s most productive colors and, like the jerkbaits, are a perfect match for the company’s C.A.L. system jigheads.

Anglers who cast soft plastics without weight should take an interest in two other new D.O.A. products-Chug Heads and Hot Heads. The Chug Head is a concave soft plastic head that anglers slide onto the front of a jerkbait or other soft plastic lure before rigging with a worm hook.

Rigged weedless, the Chug Heads allow anglers to fish virtually any soft plastic as a topwater popping plug that can be cast worry-free into heavy cover. Chug Heads also feature large, 3D eyes and are available in five colors.

The Hot Head features the same eyes, and it slips over the head of a soft plastic bait pre-rigging much like the Chug Head; however, it lacks the concave face, so it can be fished beneath the surface or like a walking bait on top. Three colors are available in the Hot Head series, allowing anglers to add 3D eyes and some contrasting color to a soft plastic without weighing it down with a jighead.

For information on these and other D.O.A. products, you can visit your local retailer, or go to