Gary Hurley

MirrOmullet and MirrOlip

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The original MirrOlure series, long a favorite lure for speckled trout and other inshore species, has been unchanged over the many decades since its introduction, and for good reason-it’s extremely effective. However, the slow sinking plugs aren’t ideal for all angling situations, and with that in mind L& S Lures is introducing two new MirrOlures for the 2008 season-the MirrOmullet, a floating topwater plug, and the MirrOlip, a floating lipped crankbait.

The MirrOmullet (#16MR in the series) is a walking style topwater that was designed to imitate a small finger mullet, a job the 3″ long, 3/8 oz. plug does quite well. The lure’s compact size makes it an ideal choice for situations when a larger, noisier plug could spook wary fish. Inside the plug, a luminescence insert mimics the flash of a darting baitfish and red 3D eyes draw even more attention from predators. The MirrOmullet is available in 13 classic MirrOlure colors and retails for $6.99.

The MirrOlip (#L29MR) is a 4 1/2″, 5/8 oz. lipped crankbait that can be cast or trolled. The clear integrated lip makes the lure dive 2-5′ on the retrieve while giving the lure a wounded swimming action. The bait also incorporates a loud rattle, a flash insert, red 3D eyes, and realistic scale and gill imprints. The MirrOlip series retails for $6.49 and is available in 8 colors.

Both the MirrOmullet and MirrOlip are equipped with extra-strong saltwater hooks and hardware.

These new MirrOlures are available at a variety of local retailers, and anglers can visit for more details.