Gary Hurley

Team Daiwa Advantage A Series

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Daiwa, who has been producing and refining their saltwater series of reels for quite some time, has recently come out with a line of light saltwater-appropriate spinning reels offering serious performance at a moderate price-the Team Daiwa Advantage-A series.

The series encompasses six models, ranging from a featherweight reel holding 100 yards of 6 lb. mono, to a medium-duty model capable of carrying 260 yards of 12 lb. (or more and heavier braid), featuring a number of Daiwa-engineered systems to maximize the reel’s power and durability while minimizing their weight.

Each reel in the line features six ball bearings (two of them CRBB corrosion resistant ball bearings designed to hold up to the harsh saltwater environment) along with a roller bearing to facilitate infinite anti-reverse.

Twist-Buster II titanium nitride coated line rollers reduce line twist, while the Air Bail system incorporates a tubular stainless steel bail for strength without a weight penalty.

The reel’s drags feature micro-click adjustments that allow precise changes in drag pressure during the heat of battle, and boast waterproof seals, allowing worry-free gear rinsing at the end of a day full of saltwater splashes. Speaking of the drags, these reels are ready to take full advantage of the strength of braided lines, as even the smallest model is capable of exerting 8.8 lbs. of drag pressure, while the largest two reels can pull 17.6 lbs., plenty to fish 30-50 lb. braid effectively.

Computer designed ABS spools on each reel combine with digitally designed gears that lay the line down perfectly on the spool for ultra-long casts. Plus, the gears mesh perfectly, making the reels feel and perform smoothly and powerfully for a long time.

Finally, the computer die-cast aluminum alloy body brings an exceptional combination of light weight, strength, and corrosion resistance to the overall package.

While the entire Team Daiwa Advantage-A series is built to face the rigors of the saltwater environment, the reels lack the bulky, clumsy feel of earlier saltwater-specific models, and the smallest would be equally at home on either an ultralight rainbow trout setup or (spooled with braid) an inshore saltwater rod.

The reels feature retail prices from $139.95 to $149.95.

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