Gary Hurley


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In the past decade, purpose-made outdoor clothing has evolved from a simple T-shirt with a design related to the activity at hand into articles whose features both facilitate increased performance and offer protection at the same time.

Perfect for NC fishermen in the dog days of our all-too-common Indian summers, the Woodhaven 3X Dry Shirt by Woolrich offers anglers a functional, stylish shirt made out of a high-performance fabric that will keep them cool on even the windless days.

The shirt’s material is a cotton poplin with a 3X Dry treatment that repels moisture on the outside and accelerates the shirt’s drying time when wet, meaning anglers will spend less time wet after a choppy boat ride.

At the same time the Woodhaven shirt’s fabric repels moisture on the outside, it is able to quickly wick it away from the inside, so it doesn’t sacrifice in the breathability department. Side hem vents further serve to keep the shirt airy when the mercury’s high.

The fabric also offers UPF ultraviolet ray protection, lessening angler’s exposure to solar radiation that can penetrate other garments.

As most tournament directors know from T-shirt sales, anglers like their shirt pockets, and the Woodhaven shirt features two-large bellows pockets with hook and loop closures to secure the contents, good news for the many anglers who have experienced the angst of spilling your pocket’s contents overboard while reaching for a fish.

While the Woodhaven is ideal for fishing, it lacks the more unusual and often mystifying loops, pockets, and zippers found on a more technical fishing shirt, meaning it’s also well suited to just about any warm-weather outdoor activity.

Woolrich manufactures the Woodhaven shirt in sizes ranging from M-XXL in four different colors-chambray, Britsh tan, white, and light olive. It retails for $60, and anglers can buy or get more information on the shirt at