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Bluewater Candy Aftershock Jighead

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Bluewater Candy Aftershock Jighead

The jighead/soft plastic combo is one of the most versatile artificials in any saltwater angler’s tackle box. Tailoring the size and style of the plastic and head can make the lure suitable for a plethora of situations and nearly any inshore or nearshore gamefish. After entering the jighead market last year with the successful X-Eye heads, local company Blue Water Candy has released a brand new head incorporating a different shape and premium hooks and finishes, perfectly suited to any inshore species but specifically aimed at the redfish crowd—the Aftershock.

“The redfish guys had been asking for a stronger hook than is on the X-Eye,” Blue Water Candy’s Capt. Jodie Gay explains. “We tried to work a stronger hook into the X-Eye molds, but it wasn’t possible. These have the strongest Gamakatsu hook we can get in there.”

Along with the premium round-bend Gamakatsu hook, the new jigs have a totally different head shape than the round X-Eyes. A cross between banana and boxing glove style heads, the Aftershocks rest upright on the bottom, reducing snags and keeping an angler’s lure more visible to the target species.

In addition to reds, the Aftershock heads should hold great appeal for flounder and speckled trout fishermen, the latter particularly because they’re available in five vibrant finishes that offer added eye-appeal to the often picky specks. Pink, chartreuse, red, new penny, and white are all available, as well as unpainted heads for anglers preferring a more subtle approach.

“They’ve got a holographic flash finish and a two-tone eye,” he continues. “It adds some steps to the manufacturing process, but the finishes are top-of-the line.”

Blue Water Candy Aftershock jigheads are available in 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 oz. sizes. Packages of four sell for $5.49 and are available at most tackle shops in the area. They’re also available online at www.eastcoastsports.com.