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Gulp Ripple Mullet

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Gulp Ripple Mullet

It’s doubtful that there’s an inshore angler in the area who hasn’t experienced the fish-catching power of Berkeley’s Gulp baits. Since hitting the market a few years back, the biodegradable soft baits in the pheromone-laden juice have taken the inshore scene by storm, in large part because their scent seems to be as irresistible to flounder, speckled trout, and red drum as a juicy steak is to a hungry dog.

There’s been one issue, however—the baits were lacking in action. Though their scent more than made up for it, Gulps couldn’t match the movement and realism of traditional soft plastics—until now. Introduced earlier this year, the Gulp Ripple Mullet combines the powerful fish-attracting flavor of Gulp and a seductive swimming action together at last.

The 4” long Ripple Mullet bears a resemblance to a traditional paddletail shad bait, but some differences immediately stand out.

A unique ribbed area on the lure’s belly serves several purposes. First off, the ribbing adds more surface area to the bait, allowing it to emit even more of the tantalizing Gulp scent into the water.

The ribs also help the bait move more water than a traditional lure, giving gamefish something to hone in on, particularly in off-color water.

The textured belly also provides a subtle change to the way the lures swim, giving them more of a rocking side-to-side action—particularly when paired with a jighead whose eye is perpendicular to the hook.

Ripple Mullet also feature more vibrant color schemes than many other Gulp baits, and they are the first Gulps to feature a firetail option in their patterns. The lures are available in 10 colors, ranging from natural hues that are ideal for clear waters to brighter colors that will stand out in stained water conditions. Five of the colors are available with the chartreuse firetail, a time-tested fish attractor, and yet another feature that makes these baits perfect for dirty water.

While most will probably fish them on a jighead, and it’s quite effective, Ripple Mullet can be rigged a variety of other ways with success. Carolina, Texas and Drop-Shot rigs are all viable options, and the baits swim beautifully beneath the blade of a saltwater spinnerbait, adding yet another dimension to their versatility.

The new baits are tailor-made for red drum on the flats, but they’re also incredibly effective on flounder and speckled trout as well and will certainly up an angler’s catch ratio over traditional soft plastics.

Ripple Mullet are available in bagged 4-packs and in Gulp Alive Bulk Buckets at virtually all local tackle shops. Anglers can find more information about them by visiting www.berkley-fishing.com.