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Sufix Performance Stretch Braid

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Sufix Stretch Braid

By now most anglers have made the switch from monofilament to super-braid lines, or at least given them a shot. The sensitivity and strength of braid are unrivaled for most angling applications, but the very properties that give braid its great feel can, at times, be a detriment.

At 0% stretch, many anglers (especially those who ‘horse’ fish to the boat) find that using braid increases their instances of pulled hooks, broken rods, and trashed reels at times when something has to give, since it certainly won’t be the line.

Fortunately Sufix now gives anglers an option—New Sufix Performance Stretch Braid. While conventional monofilament can stretch up to 30%, more give than just about any situation requires, Sufix uses a Dyneema/Dacron blend to give the new line a precisely-metered 6% stretch ratio.

The 6% figure allows anglers to enjoy the performance benefits of braided lines (miniscule diameter compared to monofilament, superior casting distance, and increased sensitivity, to name a few) while offering a slight compromise compared to the all-or-nothing 0% stretch lines.

The elastic properties of the line ensure that hard-fighting, head shaking, and soft-mouthed species aren’t able to spit the hooks nearly as easily as with a conventional super-braid. The stretch also offer a cushion for anglers’ equipment, reducing the risk of damaging rods and reels not intended for the power of braided lines three or more times the strength of equivalent diameter monofilament.

Performance Stretch Braid may also allow anglers to employ braid in angling applications where it has as-yet to catch on. Trolling, for example, is an arena where braid has failed to crack into widespread use, and there’s a simple reason. Hooking and landing a fish from a vessel moving away puts much more stress on the equipment and the hook set, so the line must have a bit of give to compensate. Trollers can certainly benefit from braid’s advantages—increased line capacity and strength, and Performance Stretch Braid offers them that option.

The line also features enhanced color protection technology, so anglers needn’t worry about the braid bleeding dye all over their reels, hands, rod grips, and boats.

Sufix Performance Stretch Braid is available in 150-yard spools in strengths from 10-65 lb. test. Anglers can find it at Sufix retailers or go online to www.sufix.com to learn more.