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Product Review – Eastern Metal Works’ UWL 360H Underwater Lights

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Incorporating a brand-new light fixture into an aluminum housing that can be hard-wired into anglers’ boats, Eastern Metal Works’ new UWL 360H Underwater Lights are the brightest, fullest-coverage lights the company has ever offered, perfect for flounder gigging, crabbing, or just checking out what’s beneath the boat at night.


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The H in 360H stands for “hemisphere,” and owner Thomas Meyers got the inspiration for the design while staring at a security camera. Mounting four ultra-bright LEDs inside the domed housing he teamed up a California polycarbonate firm to produce, the new system offers 360 degree coverage that surpasses incandescent fixtures.

“I’m having more and more commercial guys install the lights and then call back and say it’s the best and brightest system they’ve ever used,” Meyers explained. “It’s brighter than a 200 watt incandescent bulb.”

In addition, the LEDs are located so close to the hemispheric shield that protects them that there’s zero glare, unlike the gleam that robs anglers of visibility with incandescent lights.

To offer users versatility in their boat setups, the 360H lights can be run off 12 or 24 volt power sources, with the full-power mode providing the brightest gigging light available anywhere. Despite their power, the LED’s still use significantly less power than incandescent lights and can be run for several nights off even moderate-sized marine batteries (Meyers tested them for a full night off just a pair of motorcycle batteries).

The ultra white light produced by the 360H lights penetrates murky water with intensity, making these setups ideal for some of the local waters.

“They’re excellent in muddy water like the Cape Fear River, Southport, and Oak Island,” Meyers continued.

Eastern Metal Works 360H lights feature all-aluminum construction save for their stainless mounting hardware, adjustable mounting clamps, and heavy-duty marine grade copper wiring. The company is also featuring special pricing for the first 100 units sold, so check out one of Eastern Metal Works’ many local dealers or visit their website at to learn more or make a set yours.