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Product Review – Otter Tails

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Over the past decade, fishing for flounder along the nearshore artificial reefs and wrecks in NC has grown in popularity. Scented soft plastics, realistic bucktails, and sophisticated trolling motors/electronics have become the norm and are a big reason for the growth of this fishery.

One frustration remains among these anglers, though–the lack of durability in the baits that work, and thus the amount of money a day of nearshore fishing requires.

While pinfish are notorious for removing the tails of Gulp and Z-Man baits fished inshore, nearshore flounder anglers face an even wider array of species that are well versed in destroying similar baits. A 4” Gulp shrimp on a 2 oz. bucktail is a certain flounder, provided the angler can deliver it to the target species. However, at nearly $2 per bait, it’s easy to understand the fiscal dilemma anglers face on a day-to-day basis.

What could produce as well as modern scented soft plastics, last longer, but cost less? The answer lies in a bait developed by a charter captain from Connecticut, dubbed “Otter Tails.” His creation is the result of the same frustrations shared by our local anglers.

After years of losing countless lures to bluefish, he was determined to develop a bait that is long-lasting but, more importantly, catches fish. Coupling a strong inner mesh with a durable synthetic outer layer, Otter Tails provide the action and fish catching ability of soft plastic baits, but with the resilience of pork rinds (which are no longer available).

Because of their materials, Otter Tails do not shrink nor dry out when left on a lure or rig. To make them even more effective, each batch is treated with a combination of fish and squid oils, giving them the same appeal as the most popular scented soft plastic lures.

Available in curly tail and split-tail shapes in several sizes and colors, Otter Tails are the perfect answer to nearshore anglers’ frustrations. They make great trailers for heavier bucktails when targeting sea bass and other bottom dwellers, as a single trailer can often last an entire trip.

Offshore anglers are finding uses for them as well, replacing squid strips behind dolphin weenies with this non-perishable alternative.

At the price of $1 per bait and the ability to withstand the abuse from non-target species, Otter Tails are sure to replace current trailers in most anglers’ arsenals.

For more information, visit the Otter Tails’ page on Facebook.