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Product Review- AFTCO Fillet Knives

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In a market full of fish fillet knives, AFTCO’s new offering is a powerful introduction. The 8”, 10”, and 12” versions meet all of the expectations and requirements of a premium brand when needing to fill the cooler with fillets from the day’s catch.

The over-molded, slip-free handle provides the comfort needed because of its anatomic and ergonomic design. The textured polypropylene/TPR grip provides maximum hold, even in wet conditions. These knives are very comfortable to grip and the right size to keep your hand from cramping during extended use.

AFTCO’s knives feature a 4116 German stainless steel blade that has a nice up-sweeping design. When removing the knife from its package, you’re greeted with a vibrant, AFTCO blue sheath and notice immediately the blade has a gold tint. This gold coating is more than just an eye-catcher, though. The distinguishing Gold TIN/PVD treatment goes through a bonding process to the blades, which ensures durability and corrosion resistance. The gold coating also makes for easy cleaning after the work is complete.

The knives’ sharp edge retention has been developed through a sub-zero quench process and 56-58 Rockwell hardness, and all agree that blade sharpness is without question a characteristic that is refreshing immediately when starting to fillet your catch.

AFTCO did a lot of homework before entering the fillet knife market. The knives are built in collaboration with Böker Germany to deliver these premium blade options for cleaning and processing gamefish of all sizes. These knives definitely pass the test when it’s time to finish the day and prepare for the next adventure.

From trout to wahoo and everything in between, AFTCO’s fillet knives provide the right tool to get the job done.

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