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Product Review – AquaTraction Advanced Marine Flooring

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AquaTraction Advanced Marine Flooring, offered exclusively in North Carolina by Buckshot Marine out of Morehead City, is designed to add style and comfort to your boat while offering a durable, non-slip surface for all your boating needs. Made with proprietary, closed-cell, cross-linked synthetic resin, AquaTraction provides superior traction, comfort, and style, as well as exceptional sound-dampening characteristics.

The main application of AquaTraction is to cover an entire deck, and the boats they service range anywhere from 16’ poling boats up to the bridges of Sportfishers. However, Buckshot Marine also offers smaller AquaTraction items, such as helm pads, as well as toppers for coolers and dashes.

The advanced marine flooring provides comfort, offering needed relief for backs, knees, and the arches of feet while stomping around, and it also works great as an insulator. For inshore boats, it quiets the boat in shallow water, knocking down the noise from a dropped MirrOlure or from lowering a cast net onto the deck or even just from walking around. In addition, the AquaTraction flooring system provides anti-glare relief, keeping the sunlight from bouncing up into your face off a bright white gel coat.

However, the top advantage may not be functional. It’s hard not to agree that AquaTraction’s main benefit is the “wow” factor, as it gives any boat an immediate facelift, making your boat look different from any other boat.

AquaTraction parts are precision cut and backed with a UV-protected, pressure-sensitive, acrylic-based adhesive that is designed to withstand the harshest marine environments. Once the flooring is installed, it’s a breeze to clean (and there’s no need to remove the flooring to clean underneath because the adhesive seal is that strong).

AquaTraction knows that your boat is your pride and joy. It’s more than just a hobby. It’s your lifestyle–and your safety and comfort aboard is a top priority. That’s why AquaTraction uses cross-linked polyethylene (PE) based foam as opposed to the industrial Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) standard that is used by many in the boat floor replacement industry.

What makes PE-based foam so different? PE-based foam is more stable than EVA at higher temperatures, lasts longer than EVA in even the harshest conditions, and the extremely small, uniform cells create an ultra-fine finish that is extremely easy to clean, easier than gel coat as it often just needs a rinse and no scrubbing.

PE foam is a lightweight, closed-cell foam that comes in a wide range of densities. And because PE foam can be thermoformed, it can be shaped into any shape or size.

Buckshot Marine comes out to your boat, takes digital measurements, and then plugs those digital measurements directly into a computer. There are no cardboard templates. Each project is designed and engineered by an in-house CAD specialist to tailor the flooring exactly how the client wants it.

AquaTraction comes in a variety of colors and color combinations, and the total turnaround time is three weeks.

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