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Product Review – Simrad NSSevo3S

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One of the most important pieces of equipment on a boat is a quality, multi-function display (MFD), as the ability to easily operate, store, and transfer data is critical to safety and successful catch ratios.

Technology is continuously changing in this field, so it is important to find the most up-to-date and industry-leading units that will be relevant for many years. MFDs are not inexpensive, so it is vital to select a unit that provides all of the needed features, as well as strong, future functionality.

When testing these products for tournament and charter boat use, the new Simrad NSSevo3S stands out as the premium unit available. Offering the new screens in 9”, 12”, and 16” options, the innovative unit has a built-in functionality that allows incredible levels of charts, radar, and sonar use.

The built-in GPS receiver and high-performance sonar, along with upgraded charting and numerous other supporting functions, covers nearly all in-water activities.

The new Simrad NSSevo3S has enhanced charting capabilities, including C-MAP Reveal, and also has pre-loaded charts that offer C-MAP Easy Routing–automatic route creation to avoid land and shallow areas.

When turning the unit on, the ability to see the screen from wide angles with a clear view under any lighting condition is striking. SolarMAX IPS technology keeps everything in sight with ultra-wide viewing angles, even while wearing polarized sunglasses.

Additionally, the screens are built to withstand all weather conditions, and finding the functions has been streamlined. Simple menus and customizable split-screen combinations with views in either 3D or Navigation perspective make it easy to set your screens to a specific layout. The industry-standard connectivity makes it easy to create multi-display systems, as well as link displays to all the other on-board electronics systems.

Simrad continues to advance the fish-finding and bottom tracking market with a 1kW CHIRP-enabled sonar. The new unit also allows for dual-channel CHIRP transducers that cover multiple depth ranges in a single unit. If needed, a convenient connection of multiple transducers can be attached to the single display through dual transducer ports. Features such as Active Imaging and ForwardScan provide amazing, picture-like views of structure that makes targeting fish much more defined.

Finding many new features and accessories is not a problem for the new NSSevo3S, as the new iMX 8 processor monitors engine data and fuel usage in real-time. The systems can easily be expanded by adding other Simrad modules and accessories, such as the S5100, StructureScan 3D, HALO Pulse Compression radar, and fully integrated Simrad autopilot. However, one of the most useful features is the ability to control an on-board sound system for ease of use when enjoying a day fishing or at the sandbar.

With all the new technology built into this unit, the Simrad App can be downloaded for an even richer experience for wireless connectivity to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The ability to access charts, radar, sonar, engine data, and more from anywhere onboard is very convenient.

Simrad has been a leader in the marine electronics field for years, and they have continued to drive the industry forward with the new NSSevo3S.

Depending on screen size and accessory package options, retail pricing ranges from $2,499-$5,999. All of the functions, features, updates, and advantages of the new Simrad NSSevo3S can be found at www.simrad-yachting.com.