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Product Review – Swobbit Cleaning System

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As a boat owner, one of the most frustrating tasks at the end of an adventure is clean up. Finding where you put the brushes, towels, squeegees, and absorbers after the last boat cleaning can be frustrating and time consuming. The complete Swobbit Cleaning System eliminates all anxiety by offering every hardware cleaning agent in one carry-pouch.

The oversized Synthetic Wash Mitt holds plenty of soap and water to quickly and thoroughly wash all flat and concaved surfaces, and it’s also nice to find the elastic cuff makes keeping the mitt secured to your wrist comfortable when washing these surfaces.

To help clean those just-out-of-reach locations, the Micro Fiber Chenille head can be used with the kit’s Perfect Pole and extend to continue the cleaning process without missing critical locations.

Once finishing the soft cleaning, the interchangeable cleaning heads and brushes make it simple to have the right tool for each of the longer, flatter surfaces right at your fingertips. Offering four separate, quick-change, 7.5” brushes, the system allows for the heavy scrubbing needed to remove grime from the deck or hull side, as well as the finesse cleaning needed to eliminate salt from clear vinyl.

After the scrub down, the 3’ Perfect Pole provides the ability to change from scrub brushes to the Aquazorber and Quick Dry Mop heads. The extendable pole makes it easy to use these water-whisking items to reach tough places and absorb the freshwater after a good rinse.

The Perfect Pole’s comfortable, ergonomic, telescoping handle simplifies getting to the hard-to-reach spots… leaving no excuses to reach everywhere.

After performing all the deck and hull scrubbing, you can complete the detailing of your console, t-top, polycarbonate curtains, and plotter screens with the included (1) Quick-Dry Water Blade, which quickly removes excess water from windshields, polycarbonate, and gunwales sides by sweeping the unit over the surface like a wiper blade, and (2) Aqua Dry PVA Cloth, the perfect complement to help reduce drying time by wiping away water droplets to help eliminate water spots. This cloth is safe to use on paint, fiberglass, windows, and enclosures. It also stores in its own reusable tube.

The durable CORDURA Carry Pouch is specifically designed to stow the Perfect Pole, as well as all the adapters and other accessories supplied in the kit. In order to help eliminate mildew, the pouch is designed to drain along the bottom.

The number of tools found in this all-encompassing cleaning system is astounding. Swobbit has developed a complete system that will benefit boat owners for years by knowing the right tool for a cleaning need is readily available. The convenience, quality, and right tools make the Swobbit Cleaning System the perfect boat cleaning tool chest.