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Product Review – Calcutta Squall Series Tackle Bag

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Over the years, I have found the need of having a great tackle bag is kind of like the need of a center position on a football team. While the position is not the most heralded, it always touches the most important thing in the game—the ball. Our tackle in the most important part of a true fishing adventure, and having it protected, organized, and easily accessible is critical to successful catch ratios.

While testing the new Calcutta Squall Series Tackle Bag, the features were eye-popping. There is an amazing amount of storage in this attractive Mossy Oak Shoreline Camo carry bag. The 600D fabric provides a rugged outer shell and comes with a wide shoulder strap to make carrying the bag more comfortable. The Calcutta design team was innovative by incorporating a quick release buckle that allows it to be carried with padded handle straps as well.

There is no shortage of storage compartments, many of which are designed for specific, often-used gear. The easy-access front-plier holder is very convenient. There are two end pockets that are perfect for leader wheels. These pockets are designed to have access through the bottom for leader material to exit, making it easy and controlled when needing to re-tie. This eliminates the unexpected unwinding of a leader spool. If you do not use leader spools, the pockets are also designed to provide nice room for various other tackle needs and storage.

The “meat and potatoes” of the Squall Tackle bag are the four tackle storage boxes that fit perfectly into the center housing. The sizes of the tackle trays depend on which model is best for your angling need, as it comes in two sizes: 3600 and 3700.  Each tackle storage tray has the flexibility to design the tackle compartments to fit your specific requirements.

Additionally, Calcutta has utilized the front and back of the bag for maximized storage. An outer pocket on the front has double strap/clasps for protection of an additional tackle tray or other quick-reach gear, while the back storage compartment houses a pullover rain fly for tackle protection during those unexpected, afternoon rain showers.

The new Calcutta Squall Series Tackle Bags are affordably priced at $69.99-$79.99 and will be available at your favorite tackle retail outlet late March 2021.