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Product Review – Mate Series Rod and Cup Holder

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When first seeing the Mate Series Rod & Cup Holder, the initial impression was, “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?”

The beauty of the product and idea is in its simplicity of functionality.

Over the years, I have found there are a couple of items you never seem to have too many of on a boat… rod holders and drink holders. They never seem to be in the right place when you need to store a rod or drink, and they are certainly never close enough in proximity.

The design makes one think, “Why drill two holes in your boat when one will do?” The Mate Series solves this issue with one encompassing unit.

The quality of the product is immediately apparent. The robustness of the high-polished, cast, 316 stainless-steel is impressive. When first picking up the holder, it instantly validates that the product is not only a functional upgrade to your boat but an aesthetic improvement as well.

When a fish strikes, anglers can simply swap a drink for a rod and begin the battle! Each of the rod and cup holders feature a drink holder with a pass-through for a fishing rod butt. This single unit functions exactly like a gunnel-mount rod holder and a cup holder combined.

Not only is the design unique, the installation method and purpose are just as impressive. A simple right-angle hole saw cut for every model is the same. This one-size hole eliminates the need to drill at an angle for rod holder installation, making OEM fitting and upgrade-retrofits easy.

An optional stainless-steel backing plate is available and provides additional security and premium installation options.

Not only do you receive a heavy-duty product, though. When opening the box, there is a nice surprise… a Mate Series Koozie to get you started with keeping your favorite beverage cold when putting the new rod and cup holder to use.

Mate Series Combination Rod & Cup Holders are available in numerous configurations so the boat owner’s specific need can be accommodated. The units are offered in 0°, 15°, and 30°, and each can be purchased with or without a drain. In addition, the round or oval top can have exposed or hidden hardware to blend in appearance with other rod holders.

This patented product burst on the scene and received the 2010 IBEX Innovation Award for its creativity and problem-solving design in the marine industry. The Rod & Cup holder can be purchased through numerous retail avenues and range in pricing from $99.95 to $139.95.

To learn more about this got-to-have product, visit their website at www.mateseries.com.

By Capt. Mark Henderson, of Liquid Fire Fishing. Capt. Mark is an 18-year tournament angler and lifetime fisherman from Cape Carteret, NC, who has grown his passion into his profession.