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Product Review – Ocean-Tamer Marine Grade Bean Bag

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“Sit back and relax” could never be truer about a product than when nestled into an Ocean-Tamer Marine Grade Bean Bag. The comfort factor during an offshore boat ride increases by a factor of 10 while bounding over three-to-five-foot seas, and the ability to have plush, mobile seating wherever you decide to sit or nap on the boat is a luxury while battling sea spray, wind, and sun direction throughout the trip.

From being able to easily move the bags because of strategically located nylon handle straps, to the moldable shape no matter where it is placed, it is clear the developers of the Ocean-Tamer product line are boaters and fishermen. The importance of comfort, mobility, and safety on the water is evident in the design of the bags.

Manufactured in the U.S.A., Ocean-Tamer uses the highest quality marine grade materials available, including marine vinyl that repels water very well and is also UV, mold, and mildew resistant. Each marine bean bag is designed and built by highly trained staff and tested to ensure durability.

All the bean bags are backed by a Lifetime Materials & Manufacturing Warranty*, Five-Year Marine Vinyl Warranty*. Additionally, Ocean-Tamer offers a really cool Lifetime Accidental Damage Warranty* (*please read all warranty policies and coverages on their website at www.ocean-tamer.com/warranty).

Every bean bag is available in your choice of up to two colors for no extra charge, and there are 20 standard and five premium color options from which to choose. All the bags are assembled with 100% marine grade vinyl, heavy duty marine grade thread (all double stitched), heavy duty nylon zippers, and premium virgin polystyrene beads.

Another nice touch is the ability to customize your bean bags with a personalized, embroidered logo, a boat name, or anything else. This customizable feature adds style to your new seating option.

To meet the size needs of your boat, Ocean-Tamer offers a variation of small, medium, and large sizes in the following four different shapes: (1) Armchair; (2) Round; (3) Wedge; and (4) Teardrop.

For these reasons and many more, Ocean-Tamer Marine Grade Bean Bags set the industry standard and have become the bean bag of choice among professional sport fishermen worldwide.

For more information, please visit www.ocean-tamer.com.