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Product Review – Speckled Trout From The Surf

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Gordon Churchill has presented a new book called Speckled Trout From The Surf.

Every fall, the big schools of speckled trout move out the inlets and run down the beaches. Many anglers take to the surf in hot pursuit, but most of them will be unsuccessful. Churchill has put together the comprehensive tome on how to participate in this fishery.

In chapter after chapter, he details the exact methods he uses to pursue speckled trout in the surf.

You want to know the lures to use? He details them specifically in terms of what lures, when to use them, colors that get attention, and how to work them and in what conditions.

In addition, there is a comprehensive breakdown of the best conditions to look for, when to go, and the tides you’ll want to fish.

Probably the most important section of the book, though, is when Churchill sets out the correct equipment you need, such as the proper rod and reel, as well quite a bit of dialogue on the right clothing.

Finally, he includes other chapters on fishing for trout in creeks and from piers, preparing your catch for the table, and other fish to catch from the surf on lures in the fall.

In all, Speckled Trout From The Surf is the book you need when you are trying to get into surf fishing. It will help you get ready and put you in position to be successful. Even if you already consider yourself to be a veteran, there is something in the book for you.

Speckled Trout From The Surf is available on any online retailer that sells books, such as Bookshop.org, Amazon, and Apple Books. The suggested retail price is $5.99.