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Live Stream/In-Person Fishing Schools

Want to catch more fish more often in 2021?

NOTE: If you would like to get saltwater fishing lessons prior to any of these proposed events, then you should visit this page for our complete video library of saltwater fishing school instruction:
Premium Fishing School Videos

Yes, Fisherman’s Post is going to continue to offer access to live stream fishing schools (with limited in-person tickets available, too) throughout the calendar year.

Now you can attend our popular fishing schools in-person or online via live stream once a month from April thru December.

On the second Wednesday of each month from April thru December, Fisherman’s Post will be offering an in-depth fishing school session on one target species. The session times will be 5:30-7:30 pm, and whether you attend via live stream or in-person, you will also have access to a recording of the school session for a full month following the session.

During each of the sessions, the captains and guides will be focusing on a specific target species and covering such topics as locations, techniques, times/tides/currents, equipment, strategy, terminal tackle, electronics, bait, etc. The goal of each session will be focused on helping you catch and put that target species in the boat on your next fishing trip.

Live Stream attendees will have the ability to chat in with questions and have the captains/guides answer those questions on air prior to the conclusion of the session. In-Person attendees will also have the ability ask questions of the captains/guides.

If you would like to attend the Live Stream school experience (and have access to a recording of the session for a full month), the Live Stream ticket price is $15 per person.

If you would like to attend In-Person (and have access to a recording of the session for a full month), the In-Person ticket price is $25 per person.

The following is a list of the target species and the dates they will be offered.  You can click on any of the listings to register. Or you can click here if you would like a Premium Membership for access to all of the 2021 evening sessions: Premium Live Stream Membership.

April 14: Grouper 

May 12: Red Drum

June 9: Spanish Mackerel

July 14: Mahi

August 11: Flounder

September 8: King Mackerel

October 13: Speckled Trout

November 10: Wahoo

December 15: Stripers