Print Dates

Fisherman’s Post Online is updated every time we publish a new issue of Fisherman’s Post Newspaper. Fisherman’s Post Newspaper has a seasonal print schedule. Our first issue of the year comes out in March, and then we print monthly through December.

2020 Print Dates

March:  Big Spring Issue

April: Spring Tournaments–centerfold

May:  Spring Gear Guide / Memorial Day Issue

June:  Summer Tournaments–centerfold

July : Fishing Regulations–centerfold / July 4th Issue

August: Fall Tournaments–centerfold

September: Labor Day Issue

October: State Records–centerfold

November:  Holiday Gift Guide

December:  Big Boat Show / Winter Issue

2019 Print Dates

March 21: (Big Spring Issue)

April 11:

April 25: (Spring Tournaments–centerfold)

May 9: (Spring Gear Guide)

May 23: (Memorial Day Issue)

June 6: (Summer Tournaments–centerfold)

June 20: (Holiday – pre-July 4th Issue)

July 4: (Holiday – post-July 4th)

July 18: (Fishing Regulations–centerfold)

Aug. 1: (Lady Angler–centerfold)

Aug. 15: (Fall Tournaments–centerfold)

Aug. 29: (Labor Day Issue)

Sept. 12: (Junior Angler–centerfold)

Sept. 26: (Bottom Fishing Guide–centerfold)

Oct. 10: (State Records–centerfold)

Oct. 24: (Boat Show / Fishing School Guide)

Nov. 14: (Holiday Gift Guide)

Dec. 12: (Big Boat Show / Winter Issue)