Newsletter Advertising

We send out a new e-newsletter (via Constant Contact) every other week when we publish a new issue of the newspaper and update the website. Now you can promote your business by being a part of this bi-weekly e-newsletter.

The e-newsletter is sent out to nearly 7000 readers that have signed up to receive the e-newsletter (a targeted and willing audience–no SPAM).

Our Open Rate is over 27% (Constant Contact All Star Level), and our Click Rate averages 55%.

We can promote your business via a web banner prominently placed in the e-newsletter. The web banner will offer you enough space to share a message with our readers, as well as help you promote brand/company recognition. And the web banner will link to your website.

The dimensions of the web banner are 6″w x 2″h (432 pixels w x 144 pixels h), and we have a graphic designer that will help you create a successful web banner.

Contact Rosa Bestmann (Sales Manager) for more information, including pricing information, at (910) 442-7686 or