Newsletter Email Marketing

We send out a new e-newsletter (via Constant Contact) at least once a month when we publish a new issue of the newspaper and update the website. Now you can promote your business by being a part of this monthly e-newsletter.

The e-newsletter is sent out to over 7000 newsletter subscribers that have signed up to receive the latest information on NC’s saltwater fishing community (a targeted and willing audience–no SPAM).

Our Open Rate is over 27% (Constant Contact All Star Level), and our Click Rate averages 55% (way, way higher than industry standards).

We can promote your business via a web banner prominently placed in the e-newsletter. The web banner will offer you enough space to share a message with our readers, as well as help you promote brand/company recognition. And the web banner will link to your website or social media.


Fisherman’s Post works hard to create successful relationships. We would love the opportunity to serve and promote your business.

Danielle Murabito – Sales Manager
(910) 442-7686