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“We have advertised in the Fisherman’s Post since its inception, and over those years have received innumerable referrals from their readers. Advertising with the Fisherman’s Post team is like joining a family, and they truly go out of their way to ensure their advertisers get the most bang for their buck. The loyal readership ensures we get regular visibility with our target market, which is invaluable to our business.”
Adam Meyer—Maritime Insurance International

“Advertising with the Fisherman’s Post is simple, affordable, and most importantly effective. No other publication targets our market more efficiently, while also providing important exposure to other coastal areas we don’t specifically target. Making changes and updating our ads is as easy as a phone call or email.”
Ben & Arlen—Intracoastal Angler

“I advertise with Fisherman’s Post because they are widely read, well respected, and put on excellent events. They are not just a good magazine, they are good people.”
Ryan White—Hatteras Jack / Advanced Fishing

“The on-point distribution, popularity, and integrity of the Fisherman’s Post is why I’ve been advertising with them for 7 years running. I’ve booked a number of trips through my ads, and especially my involvement with the fishing schools. The web banners have been excellent for me, too. Everyone in town checks out the Post, so I know it does me good when my pictures are running in there. Overall, I’ve been extremely satisfied with the entire experience.”
Rob Koraly—Sandbar Safari Charters

“We have been advertising with Fisherman’s Post for over 15 years. The staff at Fisherman’s Post has always been the best to work with. They do what they say they will do. They make any necessary changes and send me as many proofs as I need, all without complaint. I am never surprised or disappointed in any display ad we’ve ran, and their prices are very reasonable, especially for full color. I hope and pray they continue to be successful, because they have certainly contributed toward our success.”
Carol Hamilton—Anglers Marine NC

“Fisherman’s Post is an easy choice for me in my yearly advertising because they are a great source of knowledge for fishing products and tackle stores and because they are easy to work with. Plus their product reviews give me a unique opportunity to get my product directly in front of a large amount of targeted readers.”
Dan Vinent—Pure Fishing

“There are two main reasons I always use Fisherman’s Post: no one targets my customer better and no other paper draws a crowd like Fisherman’s Post on print day.”
Tex Grissom—Tex’s Tackle

“We’ve always got people in the store looking for the paper. If there’s a feature on a product or some tackle in an issue, they always come in asking for it. I’ve definitely sold a lot of Easy Hooker jigs as a result of the feature—I even had a guy call me from Maine who’s got a subscription, and we shipped a bunch to him.”
Rich Baugess—Reel Outdoors / Easy Hooker Jigs

“Surf City Ocean Pier rarely advertised, as we considered ourselves well established with a decent following. Fisherman’s Post, however, had a lot of charisma and truly believed in themselves. Since then, they have been committed to helping us grow our business and working for us to promote our special events. We have watched the paper grow along with our business, and the Fisherman’s Post has become a paper our customers look forward to every issue.”
Vinita Gass–Surf City Pier

“I count on Fisherman’s Post to help us reach new customers and to keep contact with existing customers. It is the most direct marketing I’ve found in the field of boating, fishing, and coastal lifestyle. Also, through tracking of my advertising, I continue to find Fisherman’s Post more than pays for itself.”
Lana Wallace—Brunswick Trailers & Marine


Fisherman’s Post works hard to create successful relationships. We would love the opportunity to serve and promote your business.

Danielle Murabiton – Sales Manager
(910) 442-7686