Gary Hurley

Pro Angles: Capt. Rick Bennett

OK, so it’s been cold, windy, rainy, and even snowy on some days. Even so, you gotta know that spring fishing is just around the corner. I know the garage is cold and getting your gear ready is easy to put off, but what will you do when your buddy calls and says the bonito […]

 Fish Post

March On Washington

Waving signs and banners and chanting slogans, anglers from around the country arrived in Washington, D.C. on February 24 to lobby for reform and flexibility in national and regional fisheries management. User groups that are frequently at odds, commercial and recreational fishermen from all the Atlantic and Gulf states and as far away as Alaska […]

 Fish Post

Towering Uncertainties 2009

Standing at the southeast end of Cape Fear’s shoals, the Frying Pan Tower has served as a navigational marker for mariners and a giant place marker for anglers since it was built in 1966. The tower’s location, atop a hard bottom area of the shoals in 50′ of water and surrounded by even more hard […]

 Gary Hurley

Carolinian Boatworks

North Carolina boat builders have been earning renown for producing some of the most beautiful and seaworthy boats available for decades. The flared bows and smooth curves of Carolina boats at sportfishing marinas all over the world reveal that the vessels’ popularity extends far beyond state waters, and one local man’s reverence for the design […]

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