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Guide Time Articles

 Gary Hurley

Searching for Upper Slot Reds

When I saw Capts. Jeff Cronk and Mike Taylor walk up to the scales at the Surf City IFA Redfish […]

 Gary Hurley

A Spade in the Hand

If a typical summertime Myrtle Beach tourist thinks of spades at all, they’re likely thinking in reference to a winning […]

 Gary Hurley

That Dawg is Speckled

“You might be a little bit shorter by the time we get there, but I guarantee that there’s trout there,” […]

 Gary Hurley

Stripers in 1,000 Casts or Less

“We were catching some reds here last week, but all that rain may have pushed them out,” Capt. Danny Wrenn […]

 Gary Hurley

Spanker Strikes Back

One look at a boat ramp or tackle store parking lot during the first months of the year should be […]

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