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Easy Hooker Jigging Lures 2009

Jigging lures have been effective enticers of most species of saltwater fish for the past century or longer, but the recent explosion in popularity of jigging for just about everything NC saltwater anglers pursue has led to an incredible number of choices of lures. So how’s an angler to choose which to purchase? It’s always […]

 Fish Post

Flying Fisherman Sunglasses 2009

Every angler knows that a pair of polarized glasses is one of the most important tools we own. Beyond protecting our eyes from the sun’s damaging rays, they enable us to see much more clearly into the waters we fish. Up until now, there have basically been two polarized options-a pair of $20-ish shades that […]

 Fish Post

South Chatham’s Super Spooler 2009

After a sharp strike, you set the hook. Game on! Your adversary tugs line off the reel despite the dogged resistance of a heavy drag. Then, suddenly, the line digs into the spool and halts. Snap! Game off! What happened? The underlying wraps on the reel’s spool were too loose, and the line under strain […]

 Fish Post

Cofish Foul Weather Gear 2009

For the serious fisherman, bad weather is a fact of life. Even one who carefully watches the weather forecasts and fishes only on the nicest days will eventually find themselves facing a sudden storm or a forecast that is a long way from matching the actual conditions. And fishing only on the bluebird days will […]

 Gary Hurley

Sea Striker Quik Slides

Sliding sinker rigs are very popular among coastal anglers for a simple reason-they are effective. The rigs allow a fish to mouth a bait without feeling the resistance of a sinker, and they increase anglers’ sensitivity to strikes versus a fixed weight between the rod tip and bait. Unfortunately for anglers fishing a variety of […]