Product Reviews

 Gary Hurley

Manns Tidewater Waker

For the 2008 season, Mann’s Bait Company is making several exciting additions to their popular line of saltwater hard baits. The first, the Mann’s Tidewater Waker, makes the company’s previous shallow running crankbait, the Tidewater Mid 1-Minus, look like a deep diver. On the retrieve, the Waker runs just 1-3″ below the water’s surface, creating […]

 Gary Hurley

Team Daiwa Advantage A Series

Daiwa, who has been producing and refining their saltwater series of reels for quite some time, has recently come out with a line of light saltwater-appropriate spinning reels offering serious performance at a moderate price-the Team Daiwa Advantage-A series. The series encompasses six models, ranging from a featherweight reel holding 100 yards of 6 lb. […]

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