About The Podcasts

The Fisherman’s Post Saltwater Podcast Series is designed to help people catch more fish more often along the Carolina coast (and to get you and your family and friends out on the water spending more time together more often), to encourage more people to go fishing, and to promote the captains, guides, and businesses that depend upon a healthy fishing community.


About The Hosts

Billy Thorpe, of Copilot Studio, is more the quality-control engineer on the back side of these podcasts (the brains?), as he is the one tagged with controlling all of the production, hosting, and marketing efforts.

Gary Hurley, of Fisherman’s Post, is more the quality-control engineer on the front side of these podcasts (the good looks?), as he is the one using his captain/guide and fishing community relationships to find the best people to feature and interview.

How To Watch

You can watch our video podcasts on several media outlets:

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and FishermansPost.com.

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How To Listen

You can listen to our audio podcasts on several media outlets:

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Photo/Video Contest

Every episode we announce a new viewer-submitted Photo/Video Contest winner. In addition to fame, these Photo/Video Contest winners also receive a prize (product) in the mail. To enter, simply Direct Message your fishing photo or video to the Fisherman’s Post Instagram account: @fishermans.post.

Be sure to include the typical caption info: names of people in the photo/video, where the people are from, what the catch is, where the fish was caught (you can be general without giving away any secrets), what the fish was caught on, and anything else you think is of relevance.

Viewer Support

We love creating these podcasts, so we need your help. Our wives and family want us to spend less time on podcasts and more time at home. Please consider donating something small via Buymeacupofcoffe.com to both show us your appreciation for our efforts, as well as show our families that our time away is appreciated. Any amount is appreciated.

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Sponsor Support

Sponsoring the Saltwater Podcast Series is a great opportunity for your business to promote itself to a broad reach of potential customers in the saltwater fishing community. Also, when you sponsor our podcast, the episode (and your sales message) lives forever. New people find our episodes every day, allowing your sponsorship to continue to be effective long after the episode originally runs.
Just give us a call at (910) 612-1808 or email billy@fishermanspost.com and we will help you decide on the best sponsorship level to match your needs and goals