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Inshore Trail FAQs


What are the divisions in the Inshore Trail?
The Inshore Trail will only offer a Red Drum Division (until the flounder closures end).

Can anyone enter the Inshore Trail?
Yes, the Inshore Trail is open to everyone; however, we are limiting the field to 50 boats in the Red Drum Division.

What are the events where boats can earn points in the Inshore Trail?
The five events are Ocean Isle Inshore Challenge, Topsail Inshore Challenge, Wrightsville Beach Inshore Challenge, Southport Inshore Challenge, and Carolina Beach Inshore Challenge.

How much is the entry fee for the Inshore Trail?
The entry fee is $400 for the Red Drum Division.

Does the Inshore Trail entry fee include the five qualifying tournaments’ entry fees, or do you pay the qualifying tournaments’ entry fees plus the one-time Inshore Trail entry fee?
The Inshore Trail has its own entry fee, as it is a competition that is now separate from the five standalone events. So you will need to pay the one-time Inshore Trail entry fee, as well as the entry fees for the individual events you choose to enter, to qualify for points.

When do you have to pay the entry fee for the Inshore Trail?
This year there is no set deadline for paying the Inshore Trail entry fee; however, we are limiting the Red Drum division to the first 50 boats, and none of your fish in an event can count for points towards the Inshore Trail unless you have paid your Inshore Trail entry fee prior to that qualifying event. So you would want to register before the Red Drum division reaches 50 boats, or you would want to register before you fish in your first event.

When do you have to pay the entry fees for the five qualifying tournaments?
Nothing has changed with the five Inshore Challenge events. Those standalone events remain unchanged. You pay the entry fee for each of the tournaments by that tournament’s deadlines.

Do you have to pay the Inshore Trail entry fee to fish in any of the five events?
No. Anyone can fish any of the five Inshore Challenge events. These standalone tournaments remain unchanged—they are open to the public and offer lots of cash and prizes to any boat that enters, whether in the Inshore Trail or not.

How is the Inshore Trail entry fee money paid back out to the boats that enter?
If we have 50 boats in each division, then we would be paying out a total of $18,000, and Inshore Trail money is paid out through individual event payouts ($9,000) and Trail Championship payouts ($9,000).

The individual event payouts include all five Inshore Challenge events and would be the following:
1st–$1000, 2nd–$500, 3rd–$300 (in each of the five events).

The invite-only Championship would pay the following for the Red Drum Division:
1st-$5000, 2nd-$2500, 3rd-$1500.

Again, these numbers are based on 50 boats in each division.

How do I qualify for the invite-only Championship?
Each boat is trying to record the heaviest three-fish aggregate weight by the end of the Trail. The top 10 teams from the Red Drum Division will earn an invitation to the Championship.
A boat can also qualify for the Championship by winning the top Trail payout in one of individual events. For example, the top Trail finisher in the Ocean Isle Inshore Challenge earns an automatic invitation to the Trail Championship. So the most boats that could qualify for the Championship is 15 boats.

Is there an entry fee to the Championship?
No, the initial Inshore Trail entry fee covers your entry into the invite-only Championship.

Do you have to fish all five of the qualifying tournaments?
There is no minimum entry. You don’t have to fish all five events–fish as many events as you wish. Fishing more events, though, gives the possibility of weighing in more red drum (up to nine fish) to cull their heaviest three-fish aggregate on the season. Your goal is three heavy red drum at the end of the Inshore Trail.

Can I change boats and/or change teammates during the Inshore Trail?
Yes, you can change boats. You don’t have to fish the same boat all year.
Yes, you can change teammates; however, when you register for the Inshore Trail, you are asked to designate a captain and a co-captain. The captain and co-captain cannot be changed, and for any fish to qualify for Inshore Trail points, either the captain or the co-captain must be on board (not both, but at least one for every event).

How do I register for the Inshore Trail?
You can register and pay online at www.FishermansPost.com (click on “Tournaments” and then “Inshore Trail”). You can also mail in a print entry form, or you can pay in person at Tex’s Tackle, Intracoastal Angler, or at the Registration of any of the individual events.

If I am one of the participants this year in the Inshore Trail, will I have the first opportunity to enter the Inshore Trail next year before any new entries are accepted?
Yes, participants that fish the previous year’s Inshore Trail will be given the opportunity to register before we open up the field to new boats the following year.