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Southport Inshore Challenge Welcome

August 21 – 22, 2021, at Southport Marina


Welcome to the Southport Inshore Challenge, a premiere flounder fishing event that this year offers a High Roller Flounder TWT that promises to generate the biggest payouts we’ve ever offered flounder anglers.

The Southport event will feature an eight-place leaderboard focusing only on flounder. The “flounder only” leaderboard means bigger payouts, since flounder anglers won’t have to share any leaderboard money with other species. This event offers anglers weighing in the heaviest weight of up to two flounder some serious opportunities at leaving the event with hefty prize money.

Everyone likes prize money, and this Southport flounder event offers optional Single Big Flounder, Single Big Red Drum, and “Trash Fish” (oyster toad or lizardfish) TWTs as a way to make those payouts even bigger. The big news in payouts, though, is the introduction of a true High Roller TWT.

The High Roller Single Big Flounder TWT, based on the predicted number of 40 participants in this big money TWT, will generate a first place check of $4000, and with the payout based on only your single heaviest flounder, we believe more anglers can be competitive in search for that one big flatfish.

Fisherman’s Post is thrilled to be returning to the beautiful setting of Southport Marina where all tournament activities will be located—our Registration and Captains’ Party on Friday, and our Weigh-In and Awards Dinner & Ceremony on Saturday—and once again this year will be the Southport Yamaha/Zimmerman Marine-sponsored Awards Dinner, a great spread for our tournament anglers to enjoy after a fun day of fishing.

We’re continuing to encourage teams to bring the whole family out by offering $50 for the heaviest single flounder weighed in by crews with junior, lady, and/or senior anglers on board. More special prizes include closest-in-weight prizes offered by Intracoastal Angler, where anglers closest to the designated weights receive a $50 Intracoastal Angler gift card. And if those fish closest in weight are brought in alive, then they’ll receive an extra $25 gift card.

In addition, we’ll also be offering the SeaTow prize for the heaviest flounder weighed in by a SeaTow member.

Fisherman’s Post is committed to conserving the resources that make events like this a possibility, so we’ll be awarding bonus cash payouts to all flounder making the leaderboard that are alive and in releasable condition. We feel this encourages live weigh-in without penalizing those anglers who don’t have the ability to keep a large flounder alive over the course of a full day of fishing.

And just like all of our inshore events this year, we’ll be partnering with the Wilmington Elks for volunteer support and then donating proceeds from the event to aid their mission of helping children, enhancing communities, and honoring the service and sacrifices of our military veterans.

If you’ve never fished a tournament before, this event is a great way to join in the tournament experience. Come celebrate flounder (and red drum and even “trash fish”) fishing with others, and we hope to see you for a weekend of heavy fish and good times.

Gary Hurley / Tournament Director
(910) 452-6378