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Topsail Inshore Challenge Welcome

June 25 – 26, 2021, at East Coast Sports (Registration) and Sloop Point Boat Storage (Weigh In & Awards)


Welcome to the Topsail Inshore Challenge, a fun and competitive red drum event that is a great way for area anglers to try their luck at tournament fishing.

This will be a big money red drum tournament, but ours will look different from others. Fisherman’s Post prefers a more casual format, offering anglers (1) the option to use live, dead, or artificial bait; (2) not requiring a live weigh-in; and (3) allowing teams to fish as many anglers on their boat as they prefer. Our hope is that these relaxed rules encourage more people to join in on the fun and excitement of red drum tournament fishing.

As in previous years, Surf City’s East Coast Sports will be the headquarters for our Friday Registration. East Coast Sports and the Medlin family are longtime supporters of bringing Fisherman’s Post events and their anglers to the island, and we thank them once again for making this event possible.

Another popular feature that remains the same is the location of weigh-in and awards—Sloop Point Boat Storage (located at 579 Lewis Road beside the Wildlife boat ramp in Hampstead).

Sloop Point Boat Storage is excited to be the weigh-in and awards host, and they’ve graciously opened up their docks (located right behind the store) for tying up just to weigh-in or to stay through dinner and awards. We will be using the sheltered area in the back of their store for setting up scales and tables for weigh-in, and then we head to the open field beside their store for our awards dinner and ceremony.

Like last year, participants will be able to weigh in up to two red drum in search of a spot on our eight-place leaderboard.

The red drum only leaderboard means bigger payouts, since red drum anglers won’t have to share any leaderboard money with other species. For those anglers looking to enhance their winnings beyond the substantial cash on our main leaderboard, there are also Single Big Red Drum and Two Red Drum TWTs offered, as well as a “Trash Fish” TWT.

The “Trash Fish” TWT payouts will go to the boats that weigh in the heaviest oyster toad or lizardfish, so by the close of scales, three teams will get paid for their “un-success.” For those that are wondering, all of the oyster toads and lizardfish weighed in will be donated to local crabbers to be used as bait.

Fisherman’s Post retains its commitment to releasing as many fish alive as possible, so the bonus payouts remain a constant—extra $10 payouts for each red drum (up to two per boat) weighed in alive and in releasable condition that makes the leaderboard.

We’re also continuing to encourage teams to bring the whole family out to fish by offering $50 bounties for the heaviest single red drum weighed in by crews with junior, lady, and/or senior anglers on board.

More special prizes include an East Coast Sports gift certificate for the heaviest single red drum weighed in by a SeaTow member.

And just like all of our inshore events this year, we’ll be partnering with the Wilmington Elks for volunteer support and then donating proceeds from the event to aid their mission of helping children, enhancing communities, and honoring the service and sacrifices of our military veterans.

At Fisherman’s Post we pride ourselves on hosting relaxed, family-friendly events offering exciting cash and prize payouts, so please come out to share in the camaraderie of Friday’s Registration and Saturday’s fishing, weigh-in, and awards. We hope you decide to join us, and we look forward to seeing the red drum (and “trash fish”) that our anglers bring to the scales.

Gary Hurley / Tournament Director
(910) 452-6378