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Product Reviews

 Gary Hurley

Shore Lure

Driven to create a versatile, high quality, and cost effective alternative to the Stingsilvers he’d been casting to bluefish and […]

 Gary Hurley

MirrOmullet and MirrOlip

The original MirrOlure series, long a favorite lure for speckled trout and other inshore species, has been unchanged over the […]

 Gary Hurley


The D.O.A. company, whose ultra-realistic soft plastic lures have long been staples in inshore fishermen’s artificial arsenals, are introducing several […]

 Gary Hurley

Manns Tidewater Waker

For the 2008 season, Mann’s Bait Company is making several exciting additions to their popular line of saltwater hard baits. […]

 Gary Hurley

Team Daiwa Advantage A Series

Daiwa, who has been producing and refining their saltwater series of reels for quite some time, has recently come out […]

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