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Releases – September, 2020

Dolphin are critically important to the recreational fishery in the South Atlantic, and yet manipulations by federal fisheries managers continue to encourage development of a directed longline fishery that could have a radically negative impact on the recreational fishery going forward, and may have already. The federal emphasis on commercializing dolphin isn’t new. In 2004, […]

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Releases – August 2020

The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council recently designated 30 artificial reef sites off North Carolina and four new sites off South Carolina as Special Management Zones (SMZ) that will now only allow fishing with hand-held hook and line gear or spear fishing. Anglers in the new zones will be allowed to keep a daily bag […]

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Releases – July 2, 2020

Division of Marine Fisheries Director Steve Murphey has announced the 2020 commercial flounder seasons. The southern flounder season will open and close as follows: (1) Sept. 15 to Oct. 6 in the Northern Management Area, which includes Albemarle, Roanoke, and Croatan sounds and their tributaries; (2) Oct. 1 to Oct. 19 in the Central Management […]

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Releases – March 19, 2020

Division of Marine Fisheries Director Steve Murphey has announced that the 2020 recreational flounder season will be Aug. 16 through Sept. 30 for internal and ocean waters of the state. The minimum size limit will remain at 15 inches total length, and the creel limit will remain at four fish per person per day during […]

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Releases – Winter 2019-2020

Another casualty of climate change will likely be shoreline recreational fishing, according to new research from North Carolina State University and Oregon State University. The study finds some regions of the U.S. may benefit from increasing temperatures, but those benefits will be more than offset by declines in fishing elsewhere. “If there are not significant […]

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