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Fisherman’s Post has a wide variety of ways to help your business reach our large and targeted audience of saltwater fishing enthusiasts from all over the North Carolina coast and of all different skill levels. We would love to talk with you about which medium makes the most sense for your needs/goals.

Please click on the type of advertising to go to a page with more details, or you can reach out to Danielle Murabito, Sales Manager, for more information (contact info at the bottom of this page).

Testimonials–Listen to what other businesses are saying about their experience working with Fisherman’s Post.

Newspaper Advertising–This is our free print publication that reaches a targeted audience of over 50,000 people (locals and visitors) with each issue.

Website Advertising–Sponsoring a website banner will get your business and sales message in front of the over one million annual viewers that visit our website.

Event Sponsorships–Whether you sponsor an inshore event (50-90 boats per event), a surf event (100-600 anglers per event), a kids’ nearshore event (30-60 boats), or one of our fishing schools 300+ attendees per school), you will reach a large audience and gain positive association.

Newsletter/Email Marketing–Include your business and simple sales message in our Constant Contact Newsletter that goes out to our native list of over 7000 emails.

Product Marketing–Contact us about being featured in product reviews and gift guides, as well as product placement at tournaments and fishing schools.

Podcast Advertising–Reach our over 1900 YouTube subscribers and almost double amount of audio listeners.

Calendar Listings–Our website calendar is a “go to” source for finding out what tournaments and events are happening on any given week and weekend. In addition, we can list big sales, open houses, etc.


Fisherman’s Post works hard to create successful relationships. We would love the opportunity to serve and promote your business.

Danielle Murabito – Sales Manager
(910) 442-7686