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Product Marketing

Fisherman’s Post is constantly looking for relationships with product manufacturers.

In addition to newspaper/website/newsletter/events, we can bring your products additional exposure through Product Reviews and Gift Guides. Our Product Review articles tell our readers about your products, how to use your products, and where they can purchase your products. Product Review articles also run with 1-3 photos highlighting your products.

Our Gift Guides are presented in the centerfold (high visibility) and introduce your products via a brief review and photo(s).

Here are a few examples of our Product Review articles:

Gulp Ripple Mullet
Blue Water Candy Aftershock Jighead
Sufix 832 Advanced Superline
Stradic CI4

Other opportunities for product exposure can come through working with our saltwater fishing schools or one of our many saltwater fishing tournaments.

At the saltwater fishing schools, in addition to getting your products in the hands of our participants, we can also have our host of local captains/guides show them how to use the products.

At the saltwater fishing tournaments, we put products out on display during Friday’s registration, and then we use your products as either a “special leaderboard prize” or as a raffle prize.

And we always love hearing your ideas for how to best create a successful relationship, so please let us know your thoughts on getting your products in front of our large saltwater audience.


Fisherman’s Post works hard to create successful relationships. We would love the opportunity to serve and promote your business.

Danielle Murabito – Sales Manager
(910) 442-7686